DIR June 2015 Editor’s Note: The Third Selling Season

DIR June 2015 Editor’s Note: The Third Selling Season


The photo business cycle has always been fairly well defined. The fall/winter holidays are the home run of the industry, and the moms, dads and grads spring fling is great for gift giving. So much marketing and sales efforts go into these two cycles that sometimes we rest on our laurels.

But are you ready for the summer?

We’ve stocked this month’s issue with fresh ideas for summer sales. With our report on POV action cameras, you’ll realize there are so many opportunities now to capture amazing action sequences like never before. (It wasn’t until recently that you could easily recommend putting a camera at the end of a surfboard!)

We also provide a wrap-up on summertime imaging accessories, as well as perfect adventure and swimsuit camera models for the summer. All of this adds up to well-defined profit opportunities during the hot summer months.

In addition to the hardware, this is also the time to encourage photo book sales. Summer beach parties, reunions, picnics and family vacations are photo books waiting to happen! Offering a promotion on a book with the sale of a vacation camera is a powerful combination. Canvas and metal prints are also perfect keepsakes of summer fun.

Make this summer a profitable one by selling your customers the tools for great capture—and the incentive to print their memories to last a lifetime.