Dreamstime Reaches Milestone with More Than 4.2 Million Customers

Dreamstime Reaches Milestone with More Than 4.2 Million Customers


Nashville, TN—Dreamstime, a stock photography community, announced it saw consistently strong growth throughout 2011, and since 2007 Dreamstime’s customer base has grown from 350,000 to the more than 4.2 million customers it now boasts.

With this rapid growth, Dreamstime is positioning itself as a major supplier of high-quality digital images at low prices with the second largest community of registered stock image users, the company said.

Dreamstime celebrated another milestone this year: the website’s 12 millionth photo uploaded by a contributor. Since its inception in 2004, Dreamstime’s collection of images has grown more than 400 times, giving community members access to one of the largest stock image collections in the world, including more than 300,000 free images.

“Above all else, Dreamstime respects and supports its members, making a point to be engaged, listen and communicate directly with us. Their customer service is always professional and friendly, and they go the extra mile to ensure any issues or questions are solved quickly,” said Mandy Godbehear, a Dreamstime photographer. “Because of Dreamstime’s dedication to its community, I know, as a photographer, that my portfolio and my interests are in good hands.”

Always looking to leverage new technology for the benefit of its artist contributors, Dreamstime implemented a variety of features dedicated to meeting customer needs and enhancing value over the last year. Recognizing an opportunity to help its large and active community protect their images and also educate customers about image copyright, Dreamstime introduced Infringement Reporter. This tool streamlines the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification process and provides contributors a quick and easy way to notify website owners when they are misusing a photo.

Dreamstime also started offering geo tagged images using Google Maps and Google Earth. Now contributors are able to precisely add a location to images, streamlining the search process for designers creating materials with a certain geographical or tourism focus.

“People across the globe are turning to Dreamstime for their imagery needs and we pride ourselves on providing each customer with a seamless experience,” said Serban Enache, CEO of Dreamstime. “This is an important milestone for Dreamstime, and to serve our fast-growing customer base, we remain focused on developing and enhancing offerings and solutions that drive additional value for everyone.” dreamstime.com