Nikon Inc.’s “I AM Generation Image” Campaign Celebrates Image Quality and the...

Nikon Inc.’s “I AM Generation Image” Campaign Celebrates Image Quality and the Passion for Storytelling


Melville, NY—Nikon Inc., a leading imaging company, announced the “I AM Generation Image” integrated campaign, which is its new platform to amplify the voices of individuals who want to stand out in a world of visual noise. The brand campaign aims to reinforce confidence in the entry-level and enthusiast DSLR markets—and to inspire people to create images far beyond just “good enough” to have their stories heard.

“Through research and social listening, we discovered a core audience of individuals who are social sharers, passionate about what they do and who really want to communicate their passion in a realistic way,” said Lisa Baxt, associate general manager of Communications, Nikon Inc. “If the image of the person behind the lens conveys what they really wanted to convey, it makes all the difference in the world.”
According to Nikon, the concept of “Generation Image” was born from a desire to understand people’s relationships with their images. Across the country, people are using their cameras as a tool to share what is important to them, and each image has the potential for significant impact. From families to hobbies, personal causes to accomplishments, this new segment of creative individuals enjoys expressing and sharing what they are passionate about through photos and videos.

“We wanted to pull this incredibly social generation together and give them a platform to share and to communicate and self identify,” added Baxt. “For a brand like Nikon, we can help them do that through our products, our expertise and our photojournalistic heritage. It’s the core of who we are as a brand. And on social media channels, the hash tag #IAMGenerationImage is a rallying cry. It echoes the desire to deliver the best images possible in order to convey emotions and passions that rise above the noise.”

The campaign begins November 20, 2014 in the United States with an experience site that features content from a select group of extraordinary individuals who document their own passions through imagery.

“We’ve given Nikon D750s to six individuals with passionate stories, and we told them to show us their world,” continued Baxt. “From a vegan blogger to someone like Rikki Mendias, who started a charity giving shoes away to the homeless. Others will be rolled out over the next few months. Ultimately, there will be a contest where members of the generation will tell their stories, and elect who will be the seventh member.”

The I AM Generation Image campaign will be driven by nontraditional media, including video advertisements, digital media on relevant websites, rich media and social paid promotion. Additionally, a series of videos defining the campaign will drive consumers to a branded microsite. Consumers will see an immersive experience through rich media advertisements, and both mobile and desktop users will enjoy an interactive experience with high production values for video and sound. They will also be encouraged to interact with the campaign by tagging their own visual stories with #IAmGenerationImage for the chance to be incorporated into the campaign. Advertisements will run through the spring of 2015 to support the various aspects of the campaign.

In terms of media selection, this is a first for Nikon. “This is the first time we’re doing an all-digital media buy,” said Baxt. “From a media standpoint, this is where Generation Image lives. As we reposition our brand to live more in the social, visual world, we recognize where our messaging will be most effective.”

Unlike product-related campaigns around key selling periods, this is a brand campaign that will have a longer life. “It’s equally important to have both product and brand marketing. What this campaign creates is an opportunity for a relationship between our customers and the Nikon brand,” said Baxt. “The rallying cry, I AM Generation Image, is bigger than a campaign. It’s going on out there—it’s happening—and we’re going to tap into it.”