PMA Board Appoints New CEO and Executive Director

PMA Board Appoints New CEO and Executive Director


Jackson, MI—The board of directors of PMA announced that longtime industry veteran Georgia McCabe was appointed chief executive officer and executive director of the association.

“There has never been a more thrilling time in imaging, yet the industry faces a lot of challenges. There is such a need for a guiding force to pull it together and lead the charge into a future filled with opportunity, and that’s what we’re going to do. Welcome to a new PMA,” said McCabe, a well-know industry visionary and leader.

PMA has been serving the imaging industry for close to a century, but over the past 20 years, the photo business has evolved into a very different field. “The imaging industry is a whole new world from what it once was, and PMA is transforming along with it. Our purpose as an organization is to provide for our members in new ways, creating new value and new avenues to success. To do that, we are rebuilding PMA from the ground up,” McCabe explained. “We are dedicated to communication—actively seeking the input of our current members, and our future members, so we can create the new PMA together. We invite the people who comprise this amazing industry to join with us as we build a bright, thrilling future for us all.”

“Georgia brings a wide-ranging, unique background and skill set to PMA, including business, technology and marketing, along with a remarkable depth of knowledge of the industry and how to connect with today’s consumers. She is also something of a legend in the imaging field,” said PMA’s president, Bill Eklund of Sharp Photo in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “Her creative vision and innovative thinking led to an array of exceptional achievements in her previous positions at IBM, Kodak and Fujifilm; as well as in her own business, as an entrepreneur. We are happy to welcome Georgia to the helm of PMA, and so very excited to work with her as we develop a vibrant and strong organization that will bring the industry together and meet the needs of our members today and tomorrow.”

“I am thrilled to see Georgia McCabe appointed as the new CEO of Photo Marketing Association,” said Manny Almeida, senior vice president & general manager, Electronic Imaging, Fujifilm North America Corp. “Georgia brings a deep understanding of our industry and most importantly the passion to bring the necessary innovation and collaboration to the Association, the supplier community and the dealers. Congratulations, Georgia, I am looking forward to supporting your efforts.”

Tom Curley, business development manager at Panasonic North America, added, “In this amazing age of digital transformation that is affecting all aspects of our lives, Georgia McCabe has the leadership skills and industry experience to guide the Photo Marketing Association into the future, and make imaging relevant once again.”