DayMen Launches Authorized Dealer Program for Joby, Acme Made and Lowepro

DayMen Launches Authorized Dealer Program for Joby, Acme Made and Lowepro


San Francisco, CA—DayMen, the Ontario-based company that’s made up of the Joby, Acme Made and Lowepro brands, launched the DayMen authorized dealer program to ensure end users purchase only from authorized DayMen resellers capable of communicating its technology, performance and usability benefits.

The reseller portal gathers a secure network of reseller dealers, so DayMen can take further steps in protecting and delivering products to only authorized dealers to help ensure consumer satisfaction.

DayMen initiated a multistep strategy that includes: an efficient, web-based, paperless Reseller Authorization Portal with all U.S. dealers who purchase DayMen products for resale; a unilateral dealer selection policy; and careful screening of prospective Internet sellers and removal of unauthorized Internet sellers.

“With this first-of-its-kind dealer program, we anticipate a safe and seamless reseller network, which will enhance our quality and brand recognition. There are many online and in-store resale options but we want to ensure authentic Lowepro, Joby and Acme Made products are being sold honestly and securely to consumers,” said David Riley, senior vice president at Lowepro.

The authorized dealer program asks all interested resellers to agree to and sign an extensive agreement to uphold the standard of products sold to consumers—the agreement is vital to protecting and promoting a safe and secure dealer network.