DNP Printers Help Build New Opportunities for Photo Retailers

DNP Printers Help Build New Opportunities for Photo Retailers


Las Vegas, NV—Photos In A Minute combines visual experiences with promotional entertainment in a process CEO and founder Scott Proposki calls “Phototainment.” The company has expanded into an international company that mixes the visual arts with emerging technology.

 It has worked with many high-profile clients, including American Idol on FOX, HBO and Microsoft. With products ranging from standard head shots to Freeze Time images, Photos In A Minute deploys dye-sublimation printers that provide the speed and image quality the company needs for its on-site printing needs.

Recently, Photos In A Minute worked with a professional football franchise to provide corporate event photography and on-site printing. As part of the event, it was brought in to develop autographed player photos. The company printed each photo with DNP’s DS40, and the photos were given to the sponsors and special guests as memorabilia.

Photos In A Minute relies on DNP’s dye-sublimation printers to provide branded, customized and personal photographs printed at their events. Proposki turned to DNP due to the portability, consistency and customer service. The company uses DNP’s DS80 printers for 8×10-inch photo prints and DS40 printers for 4×6, 6×8 and 5×7 prints and magazine promotions.

“Everyone wants photos these days. Photos are a great asset to any event and the demand for these photos to be printed on-site has sharply risen with the decline of printing at home,” said Proposki. “DNP offers mobile solutions that we can ship anywhere and expect the same level of service nationwide.”

Photos In A Minute also works with businesses worldwide to create marketing products in the form of customized photographs. “The prints we deliver are not only promotional tools for the brands we work with, but they also showcase our capabilities to potential customers. DNP printers have proven to be valuable assets in our daily operations as well as our ability to garner new business,” added Proposki.