Photojojo Launches Phoneography 101 as First Course in New Photojojo University

Photojojo Launches Phoneography 101 as First Course in New Photojojo University


San Francisco, CA—Online photo accessory retailer Photojojo, known for its unique and varied selection of items, particularly for cameraphones, announced the launch of the Photojojo University.

For a limited time, Photojojo is offering enrollment in the online school for just $5, plus attendees receive a $5 Photojojo gift card when they complete their class. The initial offering is Phoneography 101: Photography Fundamentals for People Who Love Taking Photos with Their Phone. iPhone classes begin March 1, with Android classes coming shortly after.

Photojojo University is a four-week course that teaches attendees the principles of photography through the lens of a phone. Twice a week, students will get an e-mail with a “simple and fun lesson that ends with a challenge to help you solidify your new skills,” reports the company.

The class will cover: how to make a cameraphone’s photo pop; challenges to hone photo skills; insightful advice from faculty; and Power Moves that help students to level up, e.g., “If the autoexposure keeps changing, tap and hold our finger to lock the focus & exposure. Tap again to unlock.”

According to the course description, attendees can: “Complete our bite-sized lessons anywhere, any time. Easy photo challenges help you practice your new skills. Each lesson takes minutes, not hours. Discover the secrets of fantastic phone photography. Learn photography fundamentals specialized for your phone.”

Each lesson is crafted for the small screen and sent straight to the student’s e-mail for anytime reading. Each week, they’ll get two “bite-size” lessons complete with a photo challenge to practice the skills. And there’s no judgment or homework. Classes are offered on the first of each month. For more, visit