DIR May 2015 Editor’s Note: And The Winner Is . . .

DIR May 2015 Editor’s Note: And The Winner Is . . .


It’s not a coincidence that we’ve held our Retailers’ Choice Awards to coincide with the excitement of the Kentucky Derby.  Because it’s usually a horse race as to whom the retailers will choose.

This year there were many different brands that came out on top and with honorable mentions, suggesting that a variety of manufacturers continue to develop new and exciting products that retailers are proud to sell. I’d like to congratulate the winners and thank those retailers who took part in our survey.

In this issue, we also highlight the best of the mirrorless cameras on the market today. This is such an exciting category that is poised to climb up the market share ranks over the next 12 months, as it has done in other parts of the world. Most important, it’s something new the industry can talk about: interchangeable-lens cameras that take amazing pictures but are small enough for those who prefer to carry around lighter equipment with less bulk. This is not to disparage DSLRs, which have their own significant benefits.  Both of these systems can certainly exist together—and both retailers and consumers will benefit.

I’ve also taken a stand on the “what do we call mirrorless” discussion that has been hovering around us like a low-flying drone. It’s time we as an industry come together and agree on a category name that will be simple for everyone to understand. My rather forthright opinion can be found in the May Strategy Session.

And finally, our Photo Book & Creative Printing Retailer section once again addresses the all-important output side of our business. There are so many opportunities, especially around this time of year, to create those special, unique keepsakes for dads and grads. And adding that personal touch is what our industry does best.

Enjoy the spring!