DNP Debuts Flagship DS620A Dye-Sublimation Photo Printer

DNP Debuts Flagship DS620A Dye-Sublimation Photo Printer


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) announced its new flagship DS620A dye-sublimation photo printer for the event photography and photo retail markets.

As the latest addition to DNP’s DS-series printers, the DS620A is said to be “the world’s most compact professional-grade photo printer” that’s capable of producing up to 400 prints per hour. Built with an improved thermal printhead, the DS620A comes backed by a three-year Advanced Exchange warranty from DNP IAM at the time of purchase.

“With its wide range of print size options, quick output and innovative print technology, the DS620A is a revenue-generating asset for pro photographers printing on-site as well as retail store operators with in-store photo printing kiosks,” said Katsuyuki Oshima, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “The DS620A represents our continued commitment to providing the photography and retail markets with the most reliable and cost-effective printing solutions available as well as our dedication to preserving the memories of their customers.”

At 10.8 inches wide by 14.4 inches deep by 6.7 inches high, the DS620A is 14% lighter than its predecessor. The smaller footprint allows for easier transportation and stacking with additional printers for high-output functionality. The printer’s design also features improved aesthetics with a new white color scheme and rounded corners.

Specs state the DS620A is capable of producing: 2×6-inch, two-up photo strips; 2×6-inch, four-up photo strips; 3.5×5- (2x), 4×6-, 4×6- (2x), 5×7- and 6×8-inch prints; and new 5×5- and 6×6-inch square prints in an improved gloss or matte finish. The printer also provides a 14% increase in image throughput per hour; standard 4×6 images are produced in less than nine seconds, while 5x7s are printed in about 15 seconds. The printed media also features a new DNP watermark on the backside of each photo.

Environmentally friendly, both energy consumption and media waste are optimized in the DS620A. A new standby mode was added to lower costs and increase profitability by providing a more efficient use of energy (<0.5W). The printer also offers advanced status information from the driver, enabling users at any time to check remaining media, media format, printer status, printer life counter, color control data, firmware version and serial number.

The DS620A is compatible with DNP software products, including Mobile Party Print for event photography applications, the Tomo v6.1 kiosk software, the NexLab 6 order management software and the new print utility software Hot Folder Print Utility for enhanced print workflows in-studio and at events. DS620A printer drivers are available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.