Polaroid to Launch 10+ Polaroid Fotobar Experiential Retail Stores

Polaroid to Launch 10+ Polaroid Fotobar Experiential Retail Stores


Minnetonka, MN—Polaroid will launch its hip experiential Fotobar retail stores, where consumers can “quickly and easily liberate their favorite images from the confines of their digital devices and turn them into museum-quality art.”

At least 10 Polaroid Fotobar will open in 2013; the first will be a 2,000-square-foot store in Delray Beach, Florida. In development for the past 12 months, that store will open in February and serve as a model for all Polaroid Fotobar locations. Every Polaroid Fotobar store will be designed around the consumer experience, with the goal of helping people release their “trapped” photos and display their memories in the form of quality art. Other 2013 store openings will be in New York, Las Vegas and Boston among others. 

A proprietary technology will allow customers to select favorite pictures on their cameraphones and wirelessly transmit them to one of the store’s bar-top workstations for ordering within seconds. Customers can also instantly upload their photos from social platforms, including Instagram. Uploaded photos can be enhanced on the workstations using effects like contrast, red-eye correction, brightness and filters, showing users the outcome as they work.

Once the images are uploaded, customers can choose from various materials, substrates (canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, bamboo) and framing options for their works of art—all of which are handcrafted and shipped to the consumer in a few days. Each Polaroid Fotobar store also will be a gallery, with museum-quality pieces on display. The stores will be staffed by “Phototenders,” each a passionate photo enthusiast trained to guide customers through the process. 

The Delray Beach location will also feature “The Studio,” a multipurpose room that will host photo classes, private parties and include a portrait studio. polaroidfotobar.com