Picture Keeper Joins LifePics’ 23,000+ Network Stores Providing Personalized Photo Products

Picture Keeper Joins LifePics’ 23,000+ Network Stores Providing Personalized Photo Products


Boulder, CO—LifePics, a leading print and personalized product fulfillment solution, announced that Picture Keeper is the most recent addition to its network. Picture Keeper is the manufacturer of “plug and save” USB devices that automatically back up all of a consumer’s images from a PC onto a portable USB storage device.

The partnership gives Picture Keeper’s 400,000-plus users the ability to print and preserve their images through any retail store in the LifePics network.

“Picture Keeper helps people find and save their precious photos, so it makes sense to provide our customers with an easy way to print those memories,” said Matt Stanchie, CEO at Picture Keeper. “Retailers will now see the benefit of increased traffic from customers who have rounded up all their digital photos and now have a very easy path to print them.” ”

Picture Keeper also offers portable drives for larger storage options, a software version and a mobile app that wirelessly transfers photos from mobile devices to Picture Keeper backup products. All Picture Keeper products now connect to LifePics, and all Picture Keeper users can order photo prints plus thousands of personalized photo products, and pick up their orders at a local photofinisher or retail store, often in an hour.

“Picture Keeper is an exciting addition to our family of retail photofinishers and digital photo services,” said Vahe Christianian, vice president, Business Development, LifePics. “Their products are so intuitive and practical, which is why they already have nearly half a million users. Our role is to elevate the user experience by connecting peoples’ digital photos and memories with personalized, tangible products, ordered through the Picture Keeper product for pickup at any of the 23,000 stores that are already connected to LifePics.”

  LifePics is the white label solution for digital photos and personalized print products. Using LifePics' technology, photofinishers and pro photographers can accept online photo orders from consumers, and route orders to any fulfillment lab. In addition, LifePics provides an open solution; the service integrates with almost every photo printer and photo lab, and connects to specialized wholesalers to complement in-house offerings. lifepics.com