Sharp: Mobile 3D Coming

Sharp: Mobile 3D Coming


Sharp has announced plans to create small 3D LCD displays that do not require glasses, which will be used in mobile phones and other portable-screen products, the Wall Street Journal reported last week.

The company will begin making the products this fall and recently  demonstrated liquid crystal screens for mobile devices that showed 3-D animation, touch-panel screens that switched from one 3-D photo to another and a display connected to a 3-D video camera. The smaller displays are intended for mobile devices such as cell phones, game machines and digital cameras, Sharp explained.

According to the company, the displays can continue to show 3-D images when they are turned to the side, a key feature for smartphones. Mass production of the 3-D LCDs was set to start in the first half of fiscal 2010, which began April 1, it said..

The company will begin making the products this fall.