Fake Mag Covers Among New iPhone Apps

Fake Mag Covers Among New iPhone Apps


As the iTunes App store recently passed the 1 billion mark in app downloads, it is now safe to say that the application download world is no longer a niche market as its mainstream appeal is now quite apparent. Consumers can find literally anything they want in the App Store ranging from entertainment to finance, healthcare, music, news, games and yes, even several interesting imaging apps.

Among the newer apps recently added to the App Store is a spoof tabloid magazine cover generator that allows users to put the pictures of family and friends into a wide variety of magazine covers. The publication’s name, headlines and inside content sell lines can edited by the user or they can simply select a finished cover as well. The created covers can be saved to a Cover Gallery and/or e-mailed out to family/friends. A pretty slick app for a $1.99.