Fujifilm Presents Fujikina New York 2022

Fujifilm Presents Fujikina New York 2022

A Free, Public Celebration of Image Making & Visual Storytelling


Valhalla, NY—Fujifilm North America Corporation presented the North American debut of Fujikina New York 2022. It is an interactive festival for anyone interested in photography, cinematography, the arts, as well as the latest Fujifilm digital camera gear.

Moreover, the curated public event showcased the power of image making through a special exhibit of select works from an emerging generation of image makers.

The event was previously held only at Fujifilm Corporation’s global headquarters in Tokyo. However, Fujikina took place in North America for the first time on Saturday, September 10, 2022, from 10 a.m.–7 p.m. It was held at the iconic Glass House at 660 12th Avenue in New York City.

“We are excited and honored to host Fujikina in New York City, which has such a rich history of showing Fujifilm’s support and celebration of the arts. We’re excited to make the city a big part of the experience for our guests,” said Victor Ha, vice president, Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices, Fujifilm North America Corporation.

“Demonstrating Fujifilm’s ongoing commitment to storytelling, Fujikina New York will be part touch-and-try, part education and part exhibition; truly a festival for the image-making community and anyone interested in the art of visual storytelling.”

Fujikina New York 2022
Greg Gorman

The event comprised a mix of hands-on seminars and workshops. They featured celebrated creators who shared experiences, techniques, as well as views on various image-making styles; genres included portraiture, photojournalism, landscape and more.

In addition, the event provided opportunities to learn about and test various Fujifilm digital cameras and lenses. Furthermore, visitors could attend a keynote presentation by world-renowned photographer Greg Gorman. Known for his stark, honest portraits of famous and infamous faces, Gorman travels the world for specialized photographic projects. Gorman’s work is exhibited at galleries as well as museums around the globe.

Fujikina New York also celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Fujifilm X mount. This Fujifilm photographic technology has empowered image makers and opened doors for creative possibilities. In honor of this milestone, and in demonstrating Fujifilm’s commitment to storytelling, Fujikina celebrated with a special project. The project showcased imagery and stories from 10 remarkable women image makers.

All with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, these 10 artists were handpicked to each envision a project. They will all receive funding, technical support and guidance from Fujifilm to bring the projects to life. Subjects include a post-climate-apocalypse tale of seeking beauty amidst hardship; an exploration of rites of passage and coming-of-age stories; as well as an adventure-driven piece on women rock climbers over 40.  Fujifilm-Fujikina-2022-2

What’s more, throughout the Fujikina New York venue, photo and video work from Fujifilm creators was displayed. The event also presented multiple sessions of seminars under the three themes. The themes are Life in Motion (filmmaking); Life in Detail (resolution); and Life in Color (color and resolution).

Photo Walks

Finally, guests could reserve a spot in a variety of photo walks hosted by Fujifilm’s photography experts. On the walks, they learned techniques for creating various types of imagery. In addition, they got to practice with loaned Fujifilm digital cameras and lenses.

Fujikina New York was free and open to the public. Guests were required to register and book a time slot to attend the event. They also had to reserve space in any seminars, workshops, speaker presentations and photo walks they wished to attend. To register for free, click here.