Blackberry to Enable Other Devices

Blackberry to Enable Other Devices


According to a report that first appeared on Bloomberg News, Research in Motion (RIM) will soon begin offering software that allows other handheld, mobile e-mail devices to work like the company’s Blackberry.

RIM co-chief executive Jim Balsillie recently told Bloomberg that by running Blackberry e-mail, Web browser and calendar programs these other devices will become “virtual Blackberrys.” The RIM strategy here is simple as they are hoping the software will draw more users to its e-mail service which accounts for about a fifth of the company’s revenues. The company is also hoping the move will fend off intensifying competition from Nokia and Motorola, both of which have recently introduced new devices and acquired wireless e-mail service providers within the part two years.

As more and more people are getting used to carrying these “do it all” mobile devices, RIM is also playing to fact that consumers like a wide array of choices. This play on the software side of the equation places the company in a good position to take advantage of the expected growth spurt this technology will surely enjoy.