Boomers on the Move

Boomers on the Move


Research on the Baby Boom generation is certainly easy enough to find but specific research on their behavior patterns as consumers can be a sticky wicket indeed.

According to a recent report conducted by Independent they appear to finally be on the move…in the form of vacations. Known as notoriously hard workers, the report indicates that a large percentage of Boomers are starting to take it easy, and to take it easy while traveling. The report claims that this demographic, while unlikely to “bail out on working altogether” , those who keep working will be logging fewer hours and taking longer vacations.

The report points to the cruise industry as one that will certainly benefit form this trend as, “active and inquisitive boomers will be their best customers.” Cruising combines several important elements for boomer travel — safety, variety, affordability and a bit of pampering — and will be a consistent winner so long as the cruise lines work hard to keep these folks happy

A separate report done by BoomerEyes reports that Boomers have approximately $315 in disposable income per month. That same report also claims that 58% of Boomers shop online for things such as travel and high-ticket consumer goods and over 71% of Boomers 50-64 years old report “very high” Internet usage in general.

For those of us with children, the fact that over 40% are reporting that they are now “empty nesters” makes those travel and disposable income numbers begin to make sense.