Dealer Data: Consumer Printing Behavior: Picture Business Online Poll

Dealer Data: Consumer Printing Behavior: Picture Business Online Poll


The digital print market has certainly been an interesting one to follow over the last decade. When digital cameras first hit the scene in the mid to late 90’s, many consumers didn’t think they could get prints at all if they owned a digital camera. That unfortunate trend later saw many consumers discover the excitement and immediacy of printing their digital images at home. That now appears to be giving way to the higher quality, convenience and cost savings these same consumers have found by getting their digital prints done at retail.

This market remains an interesting one and many important trends are developing that smart retailers are tracking and maneuvering around to take advantage of new profit opportunities.

As part of a new feature in Picture Business each month, we’re polling our readership on a variety of subjects and posting the results in subsequent issues. As you may have guessed from our intro, we are looking at the digital print market this month to see how consumers are reacting to the new opportunities for turning their digital image files into hard copy prints/gifts.

Please visit – and submit you answers by July 25th, 2007. Submitted questionnaires will be eligible for a drawing to win a Kodak C743 7.1MP digital camera and a G600 Printer Dock bundle.