New Photo Gift App from DNP

New Photo Gift App from DNP


DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. recently announced the release of CardPix, a new photo gift application for retailers. DNP claims that CardPix, “ gives users a fresh way to create and share special memories.”

The CardPix application prints on 2 1/8-inch by 3 3/8-inch, credit card-size, durable plastic cards. CardPix cards can be tailored for any occasion with unique designs, text and photos all selected by the customer. DNP Photo Imaging America envisions CardPix as a way for retailers and specialty photographers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

DNP claims that CardPix revolutionizes the photo specialty category with a patent-pending easy-to-use and navigate graphical user interface (GUI) that lets customers create single- or double-sided cards with collages, text and artistic embellishments. A menu of templates is included with the software. The templates are for the most sought-after products like luggage tags, sports cards and save the date reminders.

“There is a vacuum waiting to be filled in the photo gift market for a specialty card application,” said Brett Cameron CEO of DNP Photo Imaging America. “DNP Photo Imaging America believes the market is ready for a new photo gift application that introduces a fun, easy and profitable means to create personalized photo products.”

Cameron continued, “CardPix cards are the new way for consumers to share special moments, create unique photo gifts and express their individuality. Our customers have been asking for new and exceptional specialty photo products. CardPix meets—actually exceeds—those requests.”