PixDrop Allows for Free CamPhone Image Transfers

PixDrop Allows for Free CamPhone Image Transfers


Hate the stock background on your phone? Or, want to make your friends jealous with your vacation photos?  A new service called PixDrop now allows you to picture message it to them at no charge.

PixDrop has launched the first free picture messaging service allowing you to send images to your phone via MMS.  File size is currently limited to 2MB but higher capacities may be on the way.

The service currently works with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The folks at PixDrop didn’t confirm whether or not there will be charges for the receipt of the message (like a text message).The PixDrop site features 3 inputs: one for your email, the phone number you are sending to and a browse box to select the photo. The company reports that they are currently sending about 500 picture messages a day.