New Chapter in Instant Photography History

New Chapter in Instant Photography History


The company explains that it all began in October 2008 when Florian Kaps (CMO), André Bosman (COO) and Marwan Saba (CFO) launched an Impossible Project with one concrete aim: To keep the magic of analog Instant Photography alive by inventing and producing new instant film materials for vintage Polaroid cameras.

Impossible's mission, they explain, is not to re-build Polaroid film but to develop a new product with new characteristics as well as to support and promote analog Instant Photography amongst artists and photographers.

Therefore Impossible saved the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede, Netherlands, acquired the machinery from Polaroid, signed a lease contract with the new owner of the site for a duration of 10 years and engaged what they are calling, “the most experienced team of Integral Film experts worldwide.” In order to carry Instant Film production into the 21st century Impossible‘s team had to find new solutions for
replacing and upgrading problematic or unavailable components.

In March 2010 Impossible introduced its first, brand new analog Instant Film materials – the PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade for Polaroid 600 and SX 70 cameras.

In July 2010, a Silver Shade version of the larger, integral film format for Image, 1200 & Spectra Cameras was introduced, as well as the First Flush Edition of PX 70 Color Shade – the first generation of the company’s upcoming color film materials.

In total, Impossible plans production of 1 million films in the first year. From 2011 onwards, Impossible will ramp up production to 3 million film packs per year, with an estimated maximum sales potential of up to 10 million films in the following years.

Beginning with the availability of the first new Impossible Instant Film, the company started partnerships with international artists and photographers to build The Impossible Collection: In order to reveal the potential of Impossible‘s Film Materials by collecting and presenting a fast growing collection of some of the most interesting photographic works of all times.

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