Lensbaby Announces the Kubota Contest

Lensbaby Announces the Kubota Contest


Lensbaby recently announced that it is teaming up with acclaimed photographer Kevin Kubota, Founder of Kubota Photo Design and Idea Guy behind Kubota Image Tools, to create a Kubota Creative Tools Pak specifically for Lensbaby images.

To kick-off this new partnership, Lensbaby is also announcing The Kubota Contest, a new photo contest for photographers making the best use of Lensbaby Optics. All Lensbaby photographers are being asked to submit two photos taken with any Lensbaby lens (Composer, Muse and Control Freak) and any of Lensbaby’s six optics (Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic, Fisheye, Soft Focus and Pinhole/Zone Plate), by August 6, 2010 for a chance to win Lensbaby and Kubota Bucks as well as their own copy of the new Kubota Creative Tools, The Lensbaby Pak. The Lensbaby Pak will be available in September 2010.

“Any image coming out of your digital camera really needs a little TLC before it’s finished and with The Lensbaby Pak, Kevin Kubota has created a wide array of fantastic Photoshop Actions designed to quickly and easily enhance your photo while allowing the unique perspectives from Lensbaby lenses and optics to shine,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and co-founder. “Lensbaby shooters love to spend more time behind the lens and less time in front of the computer, so it’s exciting that there is now a Lensbaby Action Pack that’s designed for the specific kinds of images Lensbaby optics produce.”

Kubota will choose one image from the photos taken with each Lensbaby optic as a winner, so there will be one image per optic representing a total of six chances to win. Kubota will use the Actions in the new Kubota Creative Tools, The Lensbaby Pak to really make the images pop. He’ll also show how it is done in a step-by-step Webinar, in which he will go through the process of editing each winning image.

For additional contest details visit Lensbaby's site.