Picture Business Names Hall of Fame Class

Picture Business Names Hall of Fame Class


Picture Business is pleased to announce its 2010 inductees into the Inaugural Picture Business Hall of Fame.

This year's Hall of Fame inductees, will be featured in the December 2010 issue of Picture Business Magazine are:

Individual Honors

– Fujio Mitarai – Chairman, CEO of Canon

– Ryutaro (Ray) Hosoda, President, FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation
and President and CEO, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

– Steve Sasson, Kodak — Generally regarded as the inventor of the
digital camera and recently honored by the White House with a Medal of

Retail Honors

– Willoughby's in Manhattan (est 1898)

– Central Camera in Chicago – (est 1899)
Picture Business' Hall of Fame award recognizes individual and retail contributions to the photo industry. Such contributions are made in many forms. The Hall of Fame honors not only the industry's veterans, but also its retail innovators, the visionaries and the deal makers – those who pursue a standard of excellence.

Picture Business' Hall of Fame inductees represent the entire spectrum of ambition and achievement.

In order to advertise in the special December Hall of Fame issue, call Rick Albuck at 215-238-5215 or email rickalbuck@napco.com.  Space closes 12/1; materials are due 12/6. The December issue of Picture Business will have a substantial bonus distribution at CES.