SoCal Photo Expo Next Month

SoCal Photo Expo Next Month


PMA has created a fun, educational, and interactive experience for attendees of the first Southern California Photo Expo (SCPE) at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday, Feb. 20.  The show's underlying theme, “Discover, Create, Share,” describes the overall essence of what consumers can expect to experience throughout the day. 

Participation begins with submissions of their own photos to help create an enormous 8-by-16-foot photo mosaic to be displayed at the expo.  In addition, military families will have an opportunity to have family and individual portraits taken and shared with loved ones overseas, compliments of local photographers and the expo.  Lastly, consumers will be able to learn how to take better photos through educational and inspirational presentations by some of the most respected photographers in the industry and get a hands-on look at the latest camera and imaging software technology.
“The Southern California Photo Expo is designed to be an interactive experience where consumers are participants in the events and not merely observers,” explains Ted Fox, executive director and CEO, PMA.  “Photography is the best way to share a smile and keep in touch when you can't physically be there.  The Portraits of Love program for military families is a wonderful example of how photography can bring us closer, even when they're thousands of miles apart.”
Portraits of Love
Portraits of Love was created by the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) to help military families keep in touch with loved ones stationed overseas through the use of photography and at no cost to the families.  Military families will be able to sit for a free portrait session with a professional photographer.
Each family will get two free 5-by-7s; one for themselves and another for their loved one overseas.  The family will get a card from the photographer, which they can use to log-on to event sponsor to order their prints.
The photographers will be Laura Luongo from Ventura and William Morton from San Diego.  A studio will be setup at the expo to accommodate any military family interested in participating.
Expo Photo Mosaic
Using thousands of snapshots from local residents, the Southern California Photo Expo is creating a huge photo mosaic of the Anaheim Garden Walk.  Consumers are encouraged to upload their digital images of Orange County to SCPE's website and visit the expo on Feb. 20 to find their photos within the enormous 8-by-16-foot mosaic.  The mosaic will be created by Photomation, a digital printing and graphics company based in Anaheim.

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