PMA’s New President at the Helm for 2014–2015

PMA’s New President at the Helm for 2014–2015


Jackson, MI—PMA recently elected Bill Eklund of Sharp Photo & Portrait, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as president for 2014–2015.

“I am very pleased to announce Bill Eklund as my successor as president of PMA,” said outgoing president Allen Showalter of King Photo/Showalter Imaging Group, who concluded his third term as PMA president. “The past few years have been a time of major transition for PMA, just as they have been for the entire industry. We have become a much leaner, more nimble and highly responsive organization, with a clear vision for a very bright future. Everything we do today is about one thing: fulfilling our mission, which is to promote the growth of the imaging industry. Bill shares our laser focus on this single objective.”

Other officers elected for the 2014–2015 term are Gabrielle Mullinax, Fullerton Photo, senior vice president; Jerry Sullivan, Precision Camera Inc., vice president; Mark Klostermeyer, MCPF, Design Frames LLC, treasurer; and Jim Esp, PMA, executive director.

Trustees for 2014–2015 are Brian Wood, Photovision; Rainer Th. Schorcht, Foto Schorcht; Allen Showalter, King Photo/Showalter Imaging Group; and Ken Strawbridge, Strawbridge Studios Inc. Trustees-at-large are Jason T. Laslow, Mimosa Digital; Mark Leonard, PRO; Richard Yagjian, Hunt’s Photo & Video; Wolfgang Abendroth, CeWe Color; Phil Gresham, Fotofast; Harry Mac, Downtown Camera Ltd.; Tony Miresse, Art’s Cameras Plus; Ryan Millman, Nations Photo Lab; Lisa Otto, Banff Photography Inc.; and Martin Wagner, Ringfoto GmbH & Co. Alfo Mktg. KG.

National chairpersons are Paul Atkins, Atkins Technicolour (Australia); Mario Shimoda, Shimoda Photo e Video Ltda. (Brazil); Don Spring, Jr., Cavalcade Color Lab (Canada); Christophe Coste, Photo Christophe (France); Dr. Vincent Meyer, Foto Meyer Digital Imaging GmbH (Germany); Graham Boswell, Snapshot Ltd. (New Zealand); Steven Lord, Lords Photodigital (United Kingdom); and Leo Calagaz, Calagaz Photo & Digital Imaging (United States).