Argraph Intros Marumi Exus Solid Lens Protect Filters

Argraph Intros Marumi Exus Solid Lens Protect Filters


Carlstadt, NJ—Argraph Corporation introduced Marumi’s flagship Exus Solid lens protect filters. The filters utilize newly developed super-hardened glass to protect valuable lenses. The line is being marketed by the distributor as “the strongest lens protectors in the world.”

In addition, Argraph says that the Exus Solid filters are seven times stronger than normal filters.

Marumi Exus Solid lens protect filter

The new filter line is designed to “protect and defend valuable lenses against damage from flying objects, clumsy fingers, curious pets and other environmental hazards.”

The Exus Solid filters’ super-hardened glass is mounted in a newly designed retaining ring. The ring secures the glass firmly, so it won’t come off even if it gets hit with a strong impact.

The filters are also engineered to help keep the front of lenses clean and dust-free, because Exus’s water and oil repellent and antistatic coating is applied. Photographers can just wipe the filter surface gentMarumi-Exus-Solid-box-filterly and dust and stains go away.

The new filter lineup also features an ultralow reflection rate of 0.2 percent, to maximize the light transmission and sharpness of lenses and support the full expression of a photographer’s creativity. In addition, the filters boast an ultrathin frame design with a satin finish and knurling. Furthermore, blackened outer rims of the glass help to cut back reflections.

Marumi filters are made in Japan and are available in 13 sizes from 37mm to 82 mm. Marumi Exus Solid lens protect filters are distributed in the United States exclusively by Argraph Corporation to retailers nationwide.


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