DIR September 2014 Editor’s Note: The Shifting Reality

DIR September 2014 Editor’s Note: The Shifting Reality


We’re pleased to bring you our annual State of the Industry issue as our industry undergoes a shifting reality.

Each year we reach out to the leaders and influencers of our industry to gain their perspectives for the year to come. Over the years, this issue has evolved just as our industry has. We have expanded our list to include retailers, software marketers and mobile industry executives. Each brings their own perspective to the ups and downs of the digital imaging ecosystem.

Realism and Optimism

As you read through this issue, you will see a combination of realism and optimism. It’s well documented that our industry has contracted over the last few years due to a variety of factors. Most obvious is that the technology of picture taking has shifted; quantity has in many ways replaced quality, and sharing has usurped printing.

However, on the bright side, image capture has cascaded to a landscape of a younger, more diverse audience who is capturing the “photography bug” earlier than ever before. This certainly bodes well for our future, if we are open enough to recognize that we, in turn, have to shift as well.

I hope you enjoy this issue. We welcome your feedback, which we would be happy to print in future issues.