Inaugural Lucie Technical Awards to Honor 2015 Imaging Innovations

Inaugural Lucie Technical Awards to Honor 2015 Imaging Innovations


Los Angeles, CA—The first-ever Lucie Technical Awards, an initiative of the Lucie Foundation, will take place in New York City during the week of October 19, 2015.

The Lucie Awards honor master photographers, celebrate great achievements in photography and recognize significant creative professionals in the field. The awards will now be inclusive of a wider photographic community by including the year’s most significant innovations and technologies via the Lucie Technical Awards.

Expanding the Lucie Awards’ mission, the Lucie Technical Awards aim to honor large and small companies and individuals who have advanced the photographic industry in a given year. All-inclusive, these awards intend to encompass such things as cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories, as well as papers, printers, inks and software.

“The Lucies have an inclusive mission, and by recognizing the hearts and minds behind the technical advancements and innovations in the photography world, we are putting our arms around an even wider community,” said Hossein Farmani, founder of the Lucie Awards and now the Lucie Technical Awards.

Experts in the field of photography and members of the public can contribute to the nomination process to recognize and reward deserving companies and individuals whose work has advanced the careers of so many.

Ticket availability and the location and date of the Lucie Technical Awards will be announced shortly. For a complete list of awards and to nominate, log on to