Panasonic Corporation of North America Appoints New Chairman/CEO

Panasonic Corporation of North America Appoints New Chairman/CEO



Secaucus, NJ—Panasonic Corporation of North America’s chief operating officer, Joseph M. Taylor, took on the role of chairman and CEO on April 1. Taylor succeeds chairman and CEO Yoshi Yamada, who will move to Japan to head parent company Panasonic Corporation’s global Industrial Sales business. Yamada was also promoted to managing executive officer of the parent company, subject to approval at the general shareholders meeting on June 25.

A 26-year Panasonic veteran who has served as Panasonic Corporation of North America’s COO since 2007, Taylor has led many of the company’s strategic business efforts, including creating a B2B enterprise solutions group and launching and coordinating companywide Full HD 3D TV product and promotion initiatives. 

Prior to becoming COO, Taylor was president of Panasonic Industrial Company, a division company that supplies industrial components and electronic devices to the nation’s largest manufacturers and assemblers.