Insta360 NoDroneNoProblem Challenge Is Back

Insta360 NoDroneNoProblem Challenge Is Back


Irvine, CA—Insta360 is bringing back its NoDroneNoProblem (#NDNP) challenge, offering entrants the chance to win $500 every week.

“Drone shots are awesome. Want to know something else awesome? The chance to win $500 every week in the #NoDroneNoProblem Awards,” the company announced.

“While we know not everyone can be an expert drone pilot, everyone CAN shoot epic fake drone shots. All you need is a 360-capable Insta360 camera and an Invisible Selfie Stick. And that means everyone has a chance to win some cold hard cash every single week!”

Insta360 NoDroneNoProblem Challenge

The company is asking all Insta360 camera owners to submit a fake drone shot this summer, whether traveling on distance adventures or exploring your hometown.

Share the shots on social with the hashtags #insta360 and #NoDroneNoProblem. Then follow @insta360_official (TikTok) or @insta360 (InstagramFacebook and Twitter). Insta360 will keep an eye on its feeds to select one clip each week to win $500.

To inspire Insta360 camera owners, the company offers the following advice and tips.

If you’re running low on Instagram or TikTok video ideas or you want to level up your travel vlogs, the company encourages fake drone shots. They “are a surefire way to get great interaction with people asking, ‘How on earth did they film that?!’” 

Moreover, fake drone shots are easy to capture with a 360º-capable camera mounted on an Invisible Selfie Stick. Once you’ve finished shooting, upload the shots to the Insta360 app, and the Invisible Selfie Stick magically disappears.

For third-person views from new heights, extend the selfie stick to full length and record, moving the stick up and down as if in flight. In addition, Insta360’s extended edition selfie stick has a reach of 9.8 feet to fake “aerial” shots.

Insta360-selfie-stick-tip - Insta360 NoDroneNoProblem
Pro tip: Make sure the camera is aligned with the selfie stick or it won’t render invisible in the final shot.

Insta360’s 2-in1 Invisible Selfie Stick + tripod has a suggested retail price of $25. The enhanced extended edition selfie stick has an SRP of $99.

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