Vitec Is Exclusive Distribution of LensPen in U.S.

Vitec Is Exclusive Distribution of LensPen in U.S.


Las Vegas, NV—Parkside Optical, the manufacturer and global marketer of LensPen, announced that Vitec Imaging Distribution Inc. has taken on exclusive distribution of LensPen for the photography market in the United States.


LensPen has been a photo necessity for more than 25 years. Their optics cleaning products feature a molecular carbon cleaning technology. This technology safely removes grease and fingerprints from camera lenses, filters, display screens, binoculars, drones as well as sensors.

The brand’s best-selling products are the LensPen lens and filter cleaner; the LensPen AR/VR; and the DSLR Pro kit.


“We are excited to partner with Vitec,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of Sales and Marketing for LensPen. “With Vitec’s strong sales channel and complementary products in photographic accessories, both companies expect great synergy in 2020.”

Parkside Optical is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Parkside Products, a Vancouver-based public company. Since 1992, Parkside has designed, produced and marketed products to clean fingerprints on high-quality optical and screen products.

Parkside products make use of a unique carbon cleaning compound for which it holds various patents. Parkside applied for new patents as the company expanded the range of applications for its fingerprint cleaning technology. Moreover, Parkside’s first registered trademark was the brand name LensPen; over the years it has become recognized by brand-name companies that purchase its product directly on an OEM basis.

Vitec Imaging Distribution Inc.

Vitec is a global provider of premium branded products as well as solutions to the image capture and content creation market. The company’s customers include independent content creators; photo enthusiasts; professional photographers; and also enterprises. Its portfolio includes camera supports, video and electronic accessories, LED lights, mobile accessories, as well as photo/video bags.