Vivitar Targets Millennials in Fun-Oriented Rebranding Campaign

Vivitar Targets Millennials in Fun-Oriented Rebranding Campaign


Edison, NJ—Vivitar announced a major rebranding and expansion of its consumer electronics portfolio. The move is designed to boost the “brand’s grab ’n’ go shelf appeal” for millennial consumers.

The update will include dozens of new products from action and life-logging cameras to drones and smartwatches. Smart home devices and mobile and audio accessories will also launch. All the products will sport vibrant package graphics and entry-level price points. Additionally, they will be crafted specifically to fit millennials’ tastes and buying habits.

“Store shelves are filled with look-alike consumer electronics products that are intimidating, boring, pricey and confusing to anyone without a fair amount of technical knowledge. That’s not the way to sell to millennials, who are highly style-conscious, want to try new things without a big investment, and frequently buy on impulse. Both the product and the packaging need to jump off the shelf without requiring a lot of study,” said Jeff Saka, president of Sakar International.

Built around a “We Make Fun” theme, the rebranding program will utilize clear messaging about each product’s use. The goal is “to overcome barriers to purchase that are common in the category because of technical-only labeling,” according to the company.

The packaging on Vivitar’s Bluetooth headphones will proclaim they “Get Loud.”

USB lightning connectors will “Charge Away.” Waterproof action cams will “Make a Splash” and so on, to encourage impulse sales.

Vivitar MicroCam Air DVR939HD

These features will be supported by colorful in-store displays, a revamped website, commercials and other digital advertising. They will also be supported by social media campaigns to help increase brand recognition and promote sell through for retailers.

According to the company, the initiative was prompted by Vivitar’s growing footprint in the lifestyle technology products space. This has been fueled by the brand’s ability to deliver affordable products that capitalize on the technology trends. This growth has been driven by Sakar International. Sakar has steadily expanded Vivitar’s original camera-focused business into new market sectors since acquiring the 78-year-old brand name and intellectual property in 2008.

Vivitar Rebrands with Four Major Categories

As part of the rebranding, Vivitar will be broadening the product line into four major categories. They will be digital imaging, mobile power, mobile audio and smart home.

Among the new products to be released as part of the initiative is the Vivitar 360 Cam. It captures 360º video and has built-in video-stitching software and Wi-Fi for instantly sharing photos as well as videos, $169.99. Additionally, the Vivitar MicroCam is the tiniest of a new series of wearable camcorders for capturing photos and videos of users’ everyday activities. They can then share those memories via built-in Wi-Fi, $129.99. And the Vivitar Air Defender camera drone is a quadcopter with a built-in camera and 32 LED lights for night flights, $99.99.