Three LexJet Fine Art Papers Added to Sunset Line

Three LexJet Fine Art Papers Added to Sunset Line


Sarasota, FL—A provider of digital color imaging products, LexJet is expanding its line of fine art papers, based on the changing market and demands. The company is offer three new LexJet fine art papers in its Sunset lineup.

“We’re addressing the high-demand for papers like these while also addressing the highest quality concerns at a very attractive price,” said Justin Lehman, LexJet’s vice president of Sales. “These are the finest options for photographers or artists who are putting a lot of emotion into their work. These are for anyone who’s printing because it truly matters.”

LexJet Fine Art Papers New to Sunset Line
Sunset SUV Fine Art Paper 210g

LexJet Sunset SUV Fine Art Paper 210g is a heavy-weight option for photography as well as fine art reproduction. Moreover, the paper is compatible with eco-solvent, solvent and UV ink technologies. The new-to-the-market SUV-compatible fine art paper is available in the U.S. and Canada. LexJet-Fine-Art-PapersMoreover, “print houses that choose technology other than aqueous have had a difficult time finding a quality fine art paper that delivers exceptional results on their chosen printer technology. Our product development team at Sunset has delivered the answer with Sunset SUV Fine Art Paper 210g,” LexJet announced.

Furthermore, it is an option for large-volume fine art décor printers looking for a cost-conscious option paper. The team at the LexJet Experience Center ran the paper on the Epson SureColor S80600 and reported “excellent color reproduction.” The paper is offered in 100-foot rolls in two widths: 54 inches, $279; and 60 inches, $310.

Lexar Sunset Aqueous-Compatible Fine Art Papers

In addition, to help photographers achieve their visions, LexJet released two aqueous-compatible fine art papers.

Sunset Cold Press Textured Bright White 300g paper adds richness to photography and art reproductions. Int also has a wide color gamut to deliver delicate details and deep blacks. The paper comes in 50-foot rolls in three widths: 24 inch, $94; 44 inch, $158; and 60 inch, $209.

Conversely, Sunset Hot Press Smooth Bright White 300g paper provides a silky matte finish for portraits or finely detailed work. It is available in three roll sizes: 24 inch x 50 feet, $94; 44 inch x 50 feet, $158; and 60 inch x 50 feet, $200.

Both of these papers are compatible with aqueous inks and are also acid-free for long print life. They’re a solution for photography, art reproductions, unframed cards or high-end, customized home décor.