Canon EOS R1 in Development as First EOS R System Flagship

Canon EOS R1 in Development as First EOS R System Flagship


Melville, NY—Canon USA, Inc., today announced that its parent company, Canon Inc., currently has the Canon EOS R1 in development as the first EOS R system flagship camera. Moreover, the company will equip the full-frame mirrorless camera with an RF mount. Canon is also aiming for a 2024 release.

The EOS R1 is a mirrorless camera geared toward professionals. The company says “it brings together Canon’s cutting-edge technology and combines top-class performance with the strong durability and high reliability sought in a flagship model. This camera will dramatically improve the performance of both still images and video and meet the high requirements of professionals on the frontlines of a wide range of fields, including sports, news reporting and video production.”

Canon EOS R1 Details

The flagship camera will employ the newly developed Digic Accelerator image processor in addition to the preexisting Digic X processor. The new image-processing system, composed of these processors as well as a new CMOS sensor, will enable larger volumes of data processed at high speeds. The combo also will deliver “never-before-seen advancements in autofocus (AF) and other functions,” the company added.

Canon EOS R1

By combining the new image-processing system and deep learning technology to a more advanced degree, Canon hopes to achieve higher-speed and higher-accuracy subject recognition. For example, subject-tracking accuracy is improved so that in team sporting events where multiple subjects intersect, the target subject is continually tracked, even if another player passes directly in front. In addition, the AF “action priority” function recognizes subject movement by analyzing the subject’s status. In moments during a sports game when it is difficult to predict what will happen next, this function will automatically determine the player performing a certain action, such as shooting a ball, as the main subject. It will then shift the AF frame, thereby helping to capture decisive moments of gameplay.

What’s more, the new image-processing system and deep learning technology will help to improve image quality. Canon is implementing the image noise reduction function that was previously developed as well as improved it as part of the software for PCs, as a camera function to further augment image quality.

Additionally, Canon is working on field tests for this camera to capture definitive and impactful moments at international sporting events.