12 Top Summertime Imaging Accessories

12 Top Summertime Imaging Accessories

Great Gear for Fun Outdoor Shooting


As we emerge from the horrors of the Covid-19 pandemic and its onerous restrictions, people are more motivated than ever to travel, go on vacation and just resume their normal summertime activities. Of course, these activities include taking lots of pictures. So, we thought it was a good time to cover some great options for summertime imaging accessories.

Indeed, the published stats on picture taking prove that the number of pictures taken worldwide peaks during the summer months. This year, that trend may well accelerate as families and friends come together again. Moreover, when temperatures are balmy and the days are longer, people tend to spend more time outdoors, and photo enthusiasts are more likely to bring their cameras along.

To help you maximize your customers’ picture-taking possibilities and shooting experience during this “summer of reemergence,” here’s a dozen terrific imaging accessories for summertime photography.

Please note that each one represents a product category as well as an excellent choice within that category. However, there are so many more worthy examples of everything we’ve covered here; see which particular brands make the most sense to include in your inventory. We wish all of you and your loyal staff a great summer selling season!

   Terrific Summertime Imaging Accessories

Sigma WR Ceramic Protective Filter

Many veteran shooters use a clear or UV filter over their lenses to protect their precious glass from dust, sand, scratches as well as direct physical impact when shooting outdoors. However, the Sigma WR Ceramic Protector filter takes this protection to a much higher level. That’s why we like to include it any accessories article we present.

summertime imaging accessoriesSigma-WR-Ceramic-Protector-Filters
Sigma WR Ceramic Protective Filter

The filter employs a super-hard ceramic substrate that combines an impressive 99.7% transmittance value, a hardness greater than chemically strengthened glass and a flexibility greater than sapphire crystal. Subsequently, it provides superior shock, scratch and impact resistance, even under the most adverse conditions. In addition, it features an easy-to-clean, water-repellent, antistatic coating that resists water droplets and smudging. In sizes ranging from 67mm to 105mm, $93–$315.

Sirui W-1004 Waterproof Tripod

summertime imaging accessoriesSirui-W-1004-front
Sirui W-1004

Ideal for shooting at the beach, on the trail or in dusty or inclement conditions, this ingenious, submersible tripod from Sirui features a waterproof sealing system. It prevents water, dust and sand from entering the aluminum alloy tripod’s four-section twist-lock leg tubes. What’s more, one leg is removable so users can attach it to the split center column to form a full-sized 63.8-inch monopod. In addition, photographers can replace its rubber feet with stainless steel spikes for enhanced stability on various outdoor surfaces.

The W-1004 tripod extends to a maximum height of 65 inches and folds to a compact 19.3 inches. It has an impressive load capacity of 33.1 pounds yet weighs in at a portable 3.7 pounds. In addition, its split center column enables a height setting of 5.7 inches for grounder shots. There’s also a ballast hook for a stabilizing weight. Notably, its reverse-folding legs wrap around most ball heads for maximum compactness. $208.99.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

This rugged, pocket-sized (3.8×2.0x0.3 inches) USB 3.1 Type-C external hard drive provides up to 2TB of storage for creative content. Subsequently, it allows users to back up their image and video files on the fly while freeing up space on memory cards, computers, etc. It has a 10Gb/s USB 3.1 Type-C interface (aka, USB 3.1 Gen 2) and delivers transfers with up to 550MB/s read speeds.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

IPO-55 rated, it is highly resistant to water and dust. Also vibration resistant and shockproof, it can withstand a 6.5-foot drop and operate at temperatures ranging from 32º to 113°F. This SSD is formatted as exFAT, so it’s directly compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems. What’s more, thanks to SanDisk SecureAccess 128-bit encryption, users can password protect files. The drive comes with a USB Type-C to Type-C cable and a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter. 250GB, $72.99; 500GB, $79.99; 1TB, $139.99; 2TB, $229.99.

Tamron 18–400mm f/3.5–6.3 Di II VC HLD

Long-range all-in-one zooms are great for summertime shooting. They enable photographers to capture a variety of compelling travel, nature and outdoor sports photos with just one single lens in their bags. Moreover, since no lens switching is necessary, they virtually eliminate the possibility of sensor contamination.

The Tamron 18–400mm 22.2x zoom lens is a stellar example. It provides an amazing 27–620mm-equivalent coverage for APS-C-format Canon EF- or Nikon DX-format F-mount cameras. In addition, built-in Vibration Compensation (VC) tech provides a 2.5-stop advantage in minimizing the effects of camera shake.


Tamron 18–400mm f/3.5–6.3 Di II VC HLD

Furthermore, it boasts a quick, ultraquiet HLD AF motor optimized for pro-level still and video performance. With an advanced 16-element, 11-group design, it employs one hybrid aspherical, three LD (low dispersion) and two molded glass aspheric lenses. Subsequently, the lens delivers impressive image quality over its entire range. Other features include a rounded 7-bladed electromagnetic diaphragm for pleasing bokeh; a 17.7-inch minimum focus distance; and moisture resistance. $599.99.

Sunpak DF3600U Flash

Flash is a great way to tame harsh facial shadows frequently encountered on sunny summer days. This Sunpak compact shoe-mount unit is fully compatible with Canon E-TTL/E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL DSLR auto-flash systems. It provides a footage guide number of 120 at ISO 100 and 180mm. The device also covers a wide zoom range from 24–180mm that’s extendable with its built-in diffuser panel. For bounce, it tilts from -7º to 90° and provides a full 360° rotation.

summertime imaging accessories Sunpak-DF3600U-Flash
Sunpak DF3600U

Moreover, for maximum flexibility the unit offers wireless TTL and optical slave flash modes with ranges to 98 feet indoors and 49 feet outdoors. In addition, it provides four wireless channels in three groups. With 0.5–8 sec recycle times, it also features a stroboscopic mode and an AF-assist light. The DF3600U supports high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second along with slow, first- and second-curtain sync. In addition, it enables manual flash output settings from 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3 EV steps. It also incorporates PC sync and HV power ports; runs on four AA batteries; and has a power-saving mode as well as overheat protection. $69.99.

Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarizing Filter

Perfect for shooting summer scenic and landscape images, this Tiffen high transmission (HT), multicoated adjustable lens filter increases overall color saturation. In addition, it adds contrast to clouds for dramatic skies and eliminates unwanted glare and most reflections on water and glass surfaces.

Tiffen Digital HT Circular Polarizing Filter

Engineered to military specs using Tiffen’s proprietary ColorCore glass, it achieves 99.5% light transmission. Moreover, to create the desired effect, photographers can rotate the milled, low-profile titanium front ring of this two-part filter until they see it in the camera’s viewfinder or on the LCD monitor. Note: Unlike linear polarizers, circular polarizers don’t affect meter or AF accuracy when used on today’s TTL-metering DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. 52mm to 82mm filter sizes, $49.95–$119.95.

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod Advanced

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod Advanced

 Monopods are great ultra-portable summertime accessories because they take up little space yet add stability for sharp shots. They’re great for shooting photos or video in dim light as well as when focusing on sports or wildlife with a long telephoto lens. And this monopod’s quick wheel provides one-handed attachment to a camera in seconds.

The sturdy Manfrotto five-section, aluminum one-legger folds to 16.3 inches and extends to an eye-level 61.3 inches. It will support cameras up to 6.6 pounds, such as an entry-level DSLR with a 200mm zoom lens attached.

What’s more, it weighs just 12.3 ounces. It has fast-operating flip locks for easy setup, and its quick wheel also lets shooters hold the camera with one hand while mounting it with the other. Designed in Italy, it also features an ergonomic soft grip and a wrist strap for added security. Photographers can even press it into service as a walking stick on the trail. $39.99.

Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia M 24–70 V3.0 Rain Cover

This rain cover protects mirrorless full-frame cameras fitted with a popular 24–70mm f/2.8 or similarly sized lens. Made from three seam-sealed layers for durability, it also has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating. Consequently, it provides added protection against downpours, sandstorms, etc.

summertime imaging accessories Think-Tank-Hydrophobia-M24-70-V3_0011_Hydrophobia-M24-70-V3-120
Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia M 24-70 V3.0

In addition, an oversized window lets users easily view the LCD and controls. Two cinchable sleeves provide easy access to camera functions. Moreover, a separately sold eyepiece lends full access to the viewfinder. The eyepiece flap folds into a visor or shields the viewfinder from rain/dust when not in use. A nonslip, adjustable strap securely cinches to the lens hood. Users can also mount it atop a tripod or monopod. What’s more, an integrated, waterproof shoulder strap enables the camera to be worn on a shoulder with the cover attached. Think Tank Photo includes a carrying pouch. There’s also a DSLR version. $114.75.

Nanuk 915 Hard Case

Made from crushproof, dustproof, waterproof NK-7 polypropylene resin, this slim-profile case protects delicate equipment. It accommodates cameras, small laptops, tablets or even drones, etc. Its commodious interior measures 13.8×9.3×6.2 inches and fits a cubed foam insert that conforms to the gear for maximum protection.

Nanuk 915

Nanuk’s PowerClaw latch system tightly clamps the case shut to waterproof and dustproof IPX7/IP6X ratings. An integrated slide lock also prevents the case from opening during transport. For additional security, there are two 0.3-inch padlock holes and a molded-in bezel system that lets users quickly install optional inserts.

What’s more, a built-in pressure relief valve regulates the internal pressure during air travel to prevent crushing and also allows the case to be opened easily. The hardware is stainless steel, and there’s also a folding soft-grip top handle. The O-ring-sealed Nanuk 915 has a buoyancy of 17 pounds yet weighs a portable 4.4 pounds. In eight colors, $81.95.

Giotto’s Lens Cleaning Kit

With a small Rocket air blower, this kit is a great travel accessory for keeping lenses free of the inevitable dust and debris encountered on the road or trail. It comes complete with Giotto’s Multi Optical cleaning solution that’s suitable for all glass and plastic surfaces; a microfiber cloth; a retractable goat’s-hair brush; and 10 cotton swabs with paper shafts.

Giotto’s CL1007 Lens Cleaning Kit

Key is Giotto’s small Rocket blower made from natural rubber. This innovative German-designed blower has a unique inlet valve design that prevents it from blowing back dust; thus, it’s terrific for cleaning delicate camera lenses and sensors, LCDs as well as computers. All Giotto’s cleaning kits use natural and environmentally friendly materials. The company offers a range of kits with different blower sizes. This kit comes in black (CL 1001), blue (CL 1004) and red (CL 1007), $23.99.

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank

Running out of battery power out in the boonies where there’s no AC outlet can really ruin a day. This Belkin USB-C, 20K rechargeable portable power supply will keep laptops, tablets, phones and other devices juiced up when on the go. It boasts 20,000mAh and 30W of power.

It features a 30W USB Type-C input and output, as well as an 18W USB Type-A output. As a result, it can charge two devices at once, with one port charging up to 30W and the second one up to 12W.

In addition, the power bank comes with a 6-inch USB Type-C to C cable. Specs state it provides up to 9 hours of battery life to a MacBook; up to 28 hours to an iPad; or up to 77 hours to a smartphone, ensuring uninterrupted productivity in the field. $44.99.

DiCAPac WP-S3 Waterproof Mirrorless Case

This cool, budget-priced underwater housing for mirrorless cameras lets photographers shoot to a depth of 16.4 feet; they can also operate all camera controls through the housing. The floatable case is constructed of durable, lightweight, nontoxic PVC, TPU, ABS and silicone.

summertime imaging accessoriesDiCaPac-WP-S3

In addition, the DiCAPac housing features a touch-fastened seal and a UV-coated, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens port. Its integrated extension ring accommodates lenses up to 65mm in diameter and 68mm in length. The case comes with a sturdy neck strap and a sponge block to lift shorter camera bodies to align with the port. Similar DiCAPac cases for various-sized DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras are also available. $79.95.