Auto FX Software Releases DreamSuite Ultimate Effects Software

Auto FX Software Releases DreamSuite Ultimate Effects Software


Birmingham, AL—Auto FX Software, a developer of professional Photoshop plug-in filters since 1994, released DreamSuite Ultimate—a suite of visual effects developed to allow anyone, professionals or novices alike, to artistically enhance their digital images.

DreamSuite Ultimate, which combines all three previous products formerly known as DreamSuite One, DreamSuite Two and DreamSuite Gel, is designed to enable users to achieve visual results that are difficult or impossible to attain. The company added 12 new effects to the established product base of the DreamSuite series. The upgraded version also includes several presets for each product of the past as well as the new artistic content.

This software is a blend of artistic effects for those wanting to enhance their images like the Masters of Old and easy-to-use tools for graphic artists and web designers. Artistic effects include: graphite pencil, mechanical pencil, charcoal, color pencil, oil-traditional, oil-impressionism, watercolors, comic strip, fountain pen, quill pen, cartoonist and pastel crayon. Graphic effects include: chisel, crystal painter, dimension x, gel, gel mixer, gel painter, hot stamp, liquid crystal, liquid metal and metal mixer. In addition photo effects include: 35mm frame, 2.25 frame, 4×5 frame, crackle, crease, cubism, deckle, dreamy photo, film frame art, film grain, film strip, instamatic frame, mesh, mosaic, photo border, photo depth, photo press, photo strips, photo tone, plastic wrap, puzzle pieces, putty, ripple, tape, tile and wrinkle.

DreamSuite works as a stand-alone application and as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5, for Mac and Windows users.

A new interface is built around intuitive controls and tools to help guide users as they create the effects. Each control has a built-in paragraph-length tool tip for ease of use, and the program comes with hundreds of presets that automatically apply visual effects, full color Acrobat manuals and free technical and customer service. $199.