Bogen, Best Buy Reach Tripod Deal

Bogen, Best Buy Reach Tripod Deal


Bogen Imaging recently announced that Manfrotto’s new M-Y tripods are now available at Best Buy locations nationwide. Designed specifically for use with point-and-shoot digital cameras, lightweight DSLRs and compact camcorders, Manfrotto’s M-Y tripods are now part of the growing imaging product line at Best Buy.

A trusted brand in the photo and video support product category, Manfrotto is renowned worldwide for quality, performance and design, all three of which can be found in the company’s new M-Y tripod line. First announced at the 2009 CES Manfrotto’s new M-Y tripods are compact, lightweight, durable and are ready to go right out of the box as each is paired with a matching three-way or ball head and stylish carry bag for easy transport.

“As digital imaging products have become a much more prevalent part of consumers’ everyday lives, so too has the need for support products and accessories,” said Paul Wild, President, Bogen Imaging USA.

“Designed to help enhance the digital imaging experience, a tripod is one of the most important add-on accessory sales for photo and video retailers. Bogen Imaging is proud to partner with Best Buy to bring these premier quality supports from Manfrotto to their consumers which they can rely on to achieve better results in both their still photography and video.”

Manfrotto M-Y tripods available at Best Buy include the 7301YB-BB and 7322YB-BB. Ideal for photo and video use, the 7301YB-BB M-Y tripod includes a built-in, smooth moving threeway head and quick-release camera plate for easily removing or attaching one’s camera or camcorder. Specifically for photo use, the 7322YB-BB includes a built-in ball head, ideal for all still cameras.