LensPen Action Camera Lens Cleaner

LensPen Action Camera Lens Cleaner

LensPen Action Camera Lens Cleaner

Vancouver, Canada—If an action camera is on dad’s gift list for Father’s Day this year, LensPen is highlighting its Action Camera Lens Cleaner. The Action Camera Lens Cleaner removes dust and fingerprints from GoPro and other brands of action camera lenses.

“Action cameras are everywhere,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of Sales and Marketing for LensPen. “The Action Camera Lens Cleaner is smaller than our original LensPen. Yet it offers the same benefits and it’s also the perfect size for removing dust and grease from an action camera lens.”

LensPen Lens Cleaner

Cleaning the lens is a two-step process, explained Keating. First, users remove the camera from its housing and use the retractable natural brush to remove any loose dust or dirt from the lens. Next, they twist the cap off the other end and move the cleaning tip in a gentle circular motion to remove any dirt, grease or fingerprints from the action cam lens.

The LensPen cleaner uses no liquids, sprays, tissues or rags. Carbon does the cleaning. The cleaning tip surface is covered with the same carbon compound photographers have used to remove fingerprint oils and clean camera lenses, filters and screens for more than 20 years.

“The invisible carbon compound in LensPen products is unique. In addition, it has been specially formulated to handle the fingerprint oils on lenses, filters, eyepieces and screens,” added Keating. “And its use is not limited to just action cameras. The cleaning tip on our Action Camera Lens Cleaner is the perfect size for cleaning camera lenses on drones.”

The Action Camera Lens Cleaner is environmentally friendly. Moreover, the company says it will provide 500 or more cleanings—and there’s no expiration date.


LensPen is manufactured and distributed by Parkside Optical Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of International Parkside Products Inc. Since 1992, the Vancouver, Canada-based company has designed, produced and marketed products to clean fingerprints on optical and screen products. Their products work on cameras, filters, binoculars, scopes, computers, digital picture frames, iPads, tablets and also phones.

Parkside products make use of a patented carbon cleaning compound. Moreover, new patents have been applied for as the company expands the range of applications for its fingerprint cleaning technology. lenspen.com