Lowel Century Stands for Motion Pictures and Photography

Lowel Century Stands for Motion Pictures and Photography


Hauppauge, NY—Lowel, a division of the Tiffen Company, launched new Lowel Century stands and kits. Lowel 40-inch C-stands meet motion picture and photography industry standards for go-to accessories in studio or on location.

The 40-inch double-riser shaft is outfitted with ergonomic locking tri-knobs that offer a firm grip and secure hold. The familiar staggered leg height design also allows nesting several stands close together, as well as fast deployment.

Lowel Century stands Lowel-40-C-Stand-Sliding-leg-Kit
Lowel 40-inch C-Stand Sliding Leg Kit

In addition, Lowel C-stands follow industry standard sizes to fit on grip trucks or C-stand hangers. When combined with the Lowel grip head and arm, they comprise a tool for supporting light fixtures and light modifiers like gobos, flags, silks and scrims. Lowel offers them in a choice of electroplated chrome or a powdercoated black finish.

Lowel C-stands come in a choice of a turtle base or a sliding leg base. With load capacities of 22 pounds, the C-stands have aluminum castings with stainless steel helicoil inserts. Their captive “no backout” tri-knob handles have a hex-nut wrench interface. They also utilize tapered brass brakes for secure riser adjustment.

Lowel 40-inch C-Stand Turtle Base Kit

In addition, a top riser with a welded knurled baby pin prevents rotation of the grip head or lighting fixture. Other features include springloaded and welded 1.5mm tube wall thickness steel legs; a serrated grip head with an aluminum gasket to prevent slipping and sagging; and a stainless steel grip arm with a flat recess pin to limit the slipping or rotation of light fixtures.

Lowel Century Stands & Accessories

The turtle-base model C-stand (CTB-40) features spring-loaded legs for fast setup and breakdown as well as easy travel and storage. The removable base with a 1⅛-inch junior receiver facilitates exchanging riser sections with accessories like a stand adapter; this enables low-angle lighting or replacing the legs with a runway base for greater mobility. It retails for $179.

Moreover, the sliding-leg model C-stand (CSL-40) has a movable top leg that’s secured by a tri-knob. It levels the stand on uneven surfaces like stairs, hills and also curbs. It sells for $155

Lowel century stands Lowel-2.5-Grip-Head-for-C-Stand
Lowel 2.5-inch Grip Head for C-Stand

Lowel’s grip head (CGH-25) provides 5/8 and 3/8-inch holes for mounting grip arms and other lighting fixtures or grip equipment. Again, in black or chrome, the grip head has an MSRP of $50.

In addition, the 40-inch grip arm (CGA-40) features a fixed 2.5-inch grip head and a pin with a flat recess; this prevents slipping or rotating when mounting small light fixtures.

Lowel 1.5-inch Grip Arm for C-stand

Lowel’s aluminum and steel 2.5-inch grip arm for C-stands also features a load capacity of 22 pounds. In addition, it’s finished with an electroplated chrome or black powder coating. It is 40 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide. Weighing in at 3.1 pounds, it retails for $65.