Tiffen’s Enhanced Tools in Dfx 3.0 Filter Suite

Tiffen’s Enhanced Tools in Dfx 3.0 Filter Suite


Hauppauge, NY—An enhanced video and still image-editing effects suite, Tiffen Dfx v3 boasts multi-processor acceleration for faster interaction and rendering of images, 10+ brand-new filters for optical effects, updated host support and interface improvements—to take still and moving image editing to the next level.

The suite now offers more than 120 filter effects, with 2,000+ presets, digital versions of Tiffen filters, films stocks, specialized lens correction tools, film grain, color correction, plus natural light and photographic effects.

New capabilities include: Color Shadow, which creates a high-contrast image overlaid with a gradient, simulating the look and feel of those colorful iPod commercials; DeBand for blue skies, for instance, removing banding artifacts by smoothing pixels in banded areas while retaining detail; DeBlock, to remove blocking artifacts created as a result of high-compression factors; and DeNois, which removes the grain and noise while still retaining detail.

Other creative features include: Film Stocks, which simulates 113 color and black-and-white photo film stocks, including simulations of Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, Polaroid, and Ilford films; Glow Dark, which glows and grows the dark areas of an image, creating a stylized, dreamy dark glow; Key Light, to relight images with a directional or point light as well as create lighting effects; Rays, which creates realistic light ray effects like adding shafts of light streaming through clouds, beams of light on a foggy night or rays shooting through an interior window; Texture, to apply textures to an image; and Match, which matches the color, detail, grain and tone of one image and applies it to another. tiffen.com