Delkin Black Snap-Proof, Waterproof SD Memory Card with 48-Hr. Replacement Guarantee

Delkin Black Snap-Proof, Waterproof SD Memory Card with 48-Hr. Replacement Guarantee


Poway, CA—Delkin Devices debuted its line of camera-store-exclusive Delkin Black SD memory cards, which feature a specialized casing and design to make them waterproof, dustproof, extreme-temperature resistant and virtually unbreakable. In addition to its standard lifetime warranty, Delkin includes a free, 48-hour “no-questions-asked” replacement guarantee and enhanced customer service support for the cards.

Delkin Black cards are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities and individually serialized. Read and write speeds are proven at 99MB/sec and 80MB/sec, respectively. The cards are rated for UHS-I Speed Class 3, meaning they are guaranteed to perform at a minimum sequential write speed of 30MB/sec—a rating required for 4K applications.

The cards are built using a proprietary injection-molding process that differs from the traditional surface mounted components and welded case design most cards utilize. “This process uses an innovative material to give the cards advantages that are far superior in terms of reliability and ruggedness when compared to traditional memory cards,” reports Delkin.

In addition to being stronger and far less breakable than standard SD cards in bend/pressure tests, Delkin Black cards are dust-, water- and shockproof, and they have an extended temperature range that allows them to perform in environments ranging from -40 C to 85 C.

The card’s 48-hour, replacement guarantee “covers the unthinkable, including pet and child inflicted damage, gum-in-the-pocket accidents, salt exposure, and more,” said Anna Lopez, Delkin’s Marketing director. “Should anything happen, just give us a call, and we’ll send you a brand-new replacement card that you’ll receive in less than 48 hours, along with a prepaid shipping envelope to get your damaged card back to us.”

Users are asked to register their Delkin Black card using its unique serial number to activate the policy, which enables traceability and gives each owner the added security against loss, theft and damage.