Argraph Displays Sirui Professional Tripods and Ball Heads at PMA@CES

Argraph Displays Sirui Professional Tripods and Ball Heads at PMA@CES


Carlstadt, NJ—Argraph Corporation introduced a line of Sirui professional tripods and ball heads into the U.S. market at PMA@CES, Booth 72610. The company claims Sirui tripods are already winning awards around the world.

“The highly respected German FOTO magazine conducted their quality tests on the most well-known brands of tripods. Each company brought their representative carbon fiber tripod to this test to be rated on tripod quality and performance. The Sirui M-3204 tripod won the test with an 87 score, 12 points higher than its closest rival, Gitzo. Sirui was rated outstanding among all brands, and received ‘five stars/super,’ the highest recommendation from FOTO magazine,” Argraph announced.

Australia’s Camera magazine also gave the Sirui TX series of tripods its Most Innovative Product of the Year Award, and Germany’s Traumflieger Photographs conducted an intensive review of 33 ball heads from major manufacturers, with Sirui ball heads receiving top scores in their categories.

“We are very pleased to be introducing Sirui tripods to the U.S. and proud that Sirui is already garnering such prestigious honors,” said Mark Roth, president/CEO of Argraph Corporation. “Sirui’s quality is impressive and obvious to anyone who handles the tripods and ball heads. The only thing that’s not obvious is how to pronounce ‘Sirui.’ Just say ‘Sue-Ray.”

Sirui professional tripods are distributed exclusively by Argraph Corporation.