DeluxGear’s PinPoint Assists with Focusing in Low-Light, Low-Contrast Conditions

DeluxGear’s PinPoint Assists with Focusing in Low-Light, Low-Contrast Conditions


Hampstead, MD—Trying to focus in low light is often frustrating for many photographers, and that’s why OmegaBrandess, a leading distributor in the photo and video market, is launching PinPoint—a camera-mounted system made by DeluxGear to eliminate focus hunting.

PinPoint is designed to help with low-light conditions, monochromatic surfaces, picking subjects out of a crowd, macro photography or when a photographer’s field of view is obscured. When the photographer is ready to take a photo, he or she presses the unit’s activator button to emit a narrow, green light beam. The camera’s autofocus then zeroes in on the light to acquire focus. If a photographer is focusing manually, he or she just focuses on the pinpoint of light. Once the camera focuses, the user then releases the activator button on the PinPoint and takes the shot. The photographer can control the length of time the light is visible.

PinPoint can help cameras focus in low-light situations from 2.5 to 130 feet, depending on how dark the conditions are and the adjustable focal range of the lens. The darker it is, the further the range. Also, if the focal range of a lens is less than 130 feet, PinPoint will only assist focusing up to that point or limit. The light beam is created by a Class II, green DPSS laser diode with less than one milliwatt of power, making it safe to use. It is also FDA certified.

“When a photographer experiences difficulty focusing, it can make or break a photo and most often, photographers will not even know that a photo is out of focus until it is too late to fix it,” said Tom Nickell, the CEO of DeluxGear. “With PinPoint, photographers can be confident that they are capturing crisp, clear photos of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. In fact, we purposely called it PinPoint because of its spot-on accuracy in making sure that the subject photographers want in focus, is in focus.”

PinPoint also serves as a sighting tool; photographers can identify the center of a shot without needing to look through the viewfinder—a benefit in candid and studio photography or when photographing models.

The device comes with two universal mounting options so it can be used with all SLR and DSLR cameras: the supplied ball head mount slides into the camera’s hot shoe mount; or photographers can mount the PinPoint to the bottom of the camera’s body, the battery pack, the tripod collar, the tripod’s quick release plate or DeluxGear’s Lens Cradle system.

The PinPoint focus-assist system is small and compact, weighing six ounces and measuring 3.2×3.4×1.1 inches. The unit is powered by two included AAA batteries. With standard usage, the batteries will last six months, though the lifecycle of the light itself is 5,000 hours. PinPoint comes with a one-year warranty.