InfoTrends Expands Study of Purchase Influencers on Interchangeable-Lens Camera Buyers

InfoTrends Expands Study of Purchase Influencers on Interchangeable-Lens Camera Buyers


Weymouth, MA—Since 2008, InfoTrends has offered detailed segmentation and profiling studies of current and future owners of digital interchangeable-lens cameras (DILCs) in the U.S. These are consumers who invest heavily in cameras, accessories, software, output and related connected mobile devices—and who are of vital importance to the imaging industry.

As the omnipresent smartphone employs increasingly better photographic capabilities, and sales decline in the point-and-shoot camera segment, InfoTrends recognizes that the DILC category is of greater importance than ever before. As a result, the research firm will continue to examine the impact of DILCs on the market through its new multiclient study, The 2013 DSLR vs. CILC Study – How to Influence the Next Wave of Buyers. As with previous InfoTrends studies, it will reveal changes in attitudes, purchasing decision drivers and imaging behaviors of DILC owners and potential buyers in the U.S. market.

According to InfoTrends’ latest forecasts, DILCs will comprise more than 50% of total U.S. digital camera revenue by 2016. The segment consists of two subcategories: the digital SLR (DSLR) and the compact interchangeable-lens camera, or compact system camera (CSC). The research firm believes that DSLRs will continue to account for the majority of sales. And while CSCs are gaining “significant shares in some regions around the world,” they have not gained a strong enough foothold in the U.S.—garnering a 15% market share in 2012. However, InfoTrends projects CSCs will post significant share growth by 2016, as consumer awareness of the category increases.

“The impact of compact interchangeable-lens cameras (CILC) on the DSLR market is just beginning to be felt, now that all the major camera vendors offer them,” said Ed Lee, group director of InfoTrends’ Worldwide Consumer and Professional Imaging Services. “The challenge in front of camera vendors is to come up with the products and features that it will take to attract new CILC buyers, especially the more casual photographers.”

This study will explore what drives photo activity among DILC owners and which services and products they use and anticipate using in the future. In addition, the study will investigate their imaging workflow, use of cloud services and mobile devices, and adoption of connectivity solutions. Expanding upon results of the company’s 2012 study, it’s anticipated the new study will provide insights on topics of growing importance, including:

•    Why these consumer-level hobbyists and photo active consumers are choosing one particular class of interchangeable-lens camera over another
•    What will motivate current owners and nonowners to enter the buying cycle or upgrade
•    The impact of significant market events
•    The growing use and importance of HD video capture (additional use cases; significant year-over-year changes)
•    How the photo workflow is changing

InfoTrends, a Questex company, will continue to provide updates on the study and its completion.