Lensbaby Adds 46mm Macro Filter Kit

Lensbaby Adds 46mm Macro Filter Kit

Creative Kit Expands Lens Portfolio


Portland, OR—Lensbaby, maker of creative effects lenses, optics and accessories, is broadening its product line to ensure photographers have the tools they need to keep pushing the limits of their creative freedom. The company just released its 46mm macro filter kit.

Sample image using Lensbaby 46mm macro filter kit

The kit was developed to help photographers’ capture minute details with creative flare while making photos with a set of +1, +2 and +4 close-up filters. The kit is suitable for capturing unique close-up shots of botanicals and tiny life forms as well as foodie photography.

Lensbaby 46mm Macro Filter Kit

The new bundle closely follows the introduction of the Lensbaby 46mm filter kit that debuted in October 2017. That filter kit includes an 8-point star filter, a 3-stop neutral density filter and a circular polarizer filter.

“Photographers see the world differently through Lensbaby lenses, in ways that open up a big world of creative possibilities,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby’s chief creative officer and cofounder. “Our macro filter kit lets you experience this freedom in a new, up-close and personal way.”

Sample image using Lensbaby 46mm macro filter kit

Lensbaby 46mm Macro Kit Features

Strong added that the 46mm macro filter kit is multicoated to deliver the highest possible contrast. It is also compatible with the company’s Sweet 35, Sweet 50, Sweet 80, Edge 50, Edge 80, Twist 60 and Creative Bokeh optics.

Lensbaby 46mm Macro Filter Kit

The close-up filters screw onto the front of a 46mm-threaded Lensbaby optic. In addition, they can be used separately or together for photography on a tiny scale. Moreover, to get even closer to a subject, users can stack two or three macro filters. They can also combine the filters with Lensbaby macro converters.

The Lensbaby 46mm macro filter kit has a suggested retail price of $49.95.


For more than a decade, it has been Lensbaby’s mission to inspire and challenge photographers on their journey to finding their unique, visual voice. Furthermore, Lensbaby makes one-of-a-kind lenses, optics and accessories for creative and selective focus photography. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company also provides instructional content through its educational hub, Lensbaby University. lensbaby.com