OmegaBrandess Adds Cokin EVO CPL Filters

OmegaBrandess Adds Cokin EVO CPL Filters

Schott Glass Filters in 95mm and 105mm

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Hampstead, MD—Cokin and OmegaBrandess introduced the EVO line of Schott glass, low-profile circular polarizer. The filters are designed to work with Cokin EVO filter holders. EVO CPL filters are available in 95mm and 105mm sizes.

Cokin EVO 95mm CPL Filter

At only 7.5mm thick, they are very low profile to reduce the possibilities of vignetting. However, they still maintain threads on the front side for filter stacking.

The highly resistant tempered glass is German B270 Schott, and the rings are constructed of aluminum  with knurled grips. The high-quality glass is augmented with EverClear 5, a sixteen-layer multicoating, on both sides of the filters. This is said to result in extremely high light transmission and reduced reflections. Specs state light loss is 45% or approximately one f-stop, about half that of the typical CPL filter.

Cokin EVO CPL Filter Case

In addition, the filters come housed in a hinged hard, round black case for protection and storage.

While the EVO CPL filters are an option for any lens with a 95mm or 105mm filter thread, they are meant to mate with the recently announced EVO aluminum filter holders. The holders provide a threaded front plate together with two slots for Cokin’s M or L size filters. They also permit the combined use of the EVO CPL with any of the company’s graduated ND filters, including the Nuances Schott glass line.

Cokin EVO Wallet M

Also announced was the EVO Wallet M. Made of EVA, the EVO Wallet M is designed to carry the Cokin Creative Filter system safely. Custom-cut foam protects the M-sized (P) EVO filter holder that is housed in a separate compartment.

Cokin EVO 105mm CPL Filter

Contained in the lid is a filter pouch that stores up to six Cokin Creative or Nuances filters with storage space for adapter rings. A larger size wallet will follow.

EVO CPL Filter Pricing

Cokin EVO CPL filters are now available in 95mm as well as 105mm sizes for suggested retail prices of $149.99 and $199.99, respectively. In addition, the EVO Wallet M retails for $48.99.