LensPen OutdoorPro Kit to Keep Optics Clean

LensPen OutdoorPro Kit to Keep Optics Clean

LensPen OutdoorPro Kit

Vancouver, Canada—The OutdoorPro kit from LensPen has everything needed to keep camera, scope and binocular optics clean while being used in the outdoors. The kit includes two lens cleaners—the Original LensPen for DSLR lenses, binoculars and scopes, and the MiniPro for action camera lenses, as well as camera and binocular eyepieces.

Both lens cleaners, which will each last for 500 lens cleanings, function the same way: slide out the brush end first and use it to remove any loose dust and dirt. If fingerprints remain, users can twist the cap off on the other end and use the carbon-impregnated cleaning pad to completely clean the lens. Every time the cap is twisted back on, the cleaning tip is recharged and ready for the next use.

The carbon compound used in LensPen products is similar to the one found in printer’s ink, which is why newspapers remain an effective way to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

The kit also includes MicroKlear, a soft microfiber cloth to clean non-lens surfaces, and FogKlear, which offers antifogging protection in a natural fiber cloth, with more than 200 anti-fog applications per cloth. And the kit’s components are housed in a compact nylon carrying case that fits on a belt or strap.

Everything in the OutdoorPro kit is designed to be environmentally friendly and can be safely used in desert heat or arctic cold. lenspen.com