As Trial Approaches, Best Buy Ups Geek Squad Audits

As Trial Approaches, Best Buy Ups Geek Squad Audits


Nearly a year after reports surfaced that members of its Geek Squad staff were snooping into the photos and other personal materials of their customers, Best Buy has taken steps to prevent future occurrences of that problem.

According to the Star Tribune, Best Buy’s corporate headquarters now conducts surveillance of Geek Squaders’ machines, via “remote audits.” They have also made it more difficult for Geek Squad agents to look at information that they do not need to see, and have also banned the employees from connecting flash drives to customers’ computers.

The steps come as a negligence and invasion of privacy lawsuit against the company approaches trial in June. The plaintiff, Kaylee Hall of Traverse City, Mich., is accusing Best Buy of failing to prevent multiple employees from viewing revealing photos that were on the hard drive of her computer. The main employee involved was fired in 2005, when the incident took place; Hall is suing in Hennepin County, Minnesota, where the company is based.

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