Consumer Storage Option From Kodak

Consumer Storage Option From Kodak


We’ve written a lot in this space about the growing problem consumers face with regard to storing their digital image files. Whether it’s vulnerability to a hard drive crash, or difficulty locating images to print, the problem of image file storage is a major one facing the imaging industry and its customers.

Kodak has recently stepped up to provide one possible solution in t form of their Picture Protection plan, a new service being offered as part of its Kodak Gallery Premier site at

For now, the Kodak Picture Protection Plan applies to all digital photos stored on the Kodak Gallery, as well as prints and other photo gift items such as Photo Books and Photo Calendars that are purchased through the Gallery. Kodak explains that in the event of a hard drive crash, members will receive an archive CD of all pictures currently in their Gallery account. In the event that prints and other photo gift items such as Photo Books and Photo Calendars purchased through the Kodak Gallery are destroyed, members will receive a credit of up to $500 to recreate these items through the Kodak Gallery.

The service was borne out of a recent survey Kodak conducted of 1,000 consumers – of whom nearly 60 percent used digital cameras, and 35 percent used film – three quarters of respondents said that they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about their photos being lost or destroyed. Yet, 70 percent indicated that they did not have a plan in place to replace their photos in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

“Helping people preserve and protect their pictures is as important to us as helping them to creatively tell and then share their stories with others,” said Mark Cook, Worldwide Marketing Director for Kodak Gallery. “For more than a hundred years people from all over the world have trusted Kodak with their most treasured memories and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

The imaging industry as a whole has not really done much to urge consumers to devise a back-up plan to protect their personal pictures/video. This is a smart play by Kodak and we’re hoping it jumpstarts the industry to reach out even more to their customers to better help them with effective storage and file management plans. Details of the Kodak Gallery Premier plan include a $24.99 member subscription fee and 4×6 prints for as low as 10 cents each. More detailed information can be found at