Future Image/PMA Announce 6Sight 2007 Dates

Future Image/PMA Announce 6Sight 2007 Dates


Future Image and PMA recently announced that, starting with the fall 2007 edition, the 6Sight conference will be held at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, Calif. The two organizations explained that with the explosive growth of the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference, the Monterey Conference Center offers a premium venue with state-of-the-art technical capabilities and more space to offer an expanded program and amenities.

The two-day program, scheduled for November 8 and 9, examines future directions for devices used to capture, display, share, publish and manage digital still and video images. In addition industry leaders will explore the explosion of user-generated visual content, both of which are transforming people’s lives in their work, home and community spheres. Innovative technologies and services will be featured and demonstrated, at the 6Sight New Tech Fair, often for the first time in a public setting. Companies interested in submitting their technologies for inclusion in the 6Sight New Tech Fair, can submit their request online at www.6sight.com/info_please.htm.

“Two major trends are driving the imaging industry forward,” said Alexis Gerard, president of Future Image Inc., author of “Going Visual,” and chair of the 6Sight conference. “One is the drive to capture and store data that faithfully reproduces our experience of vision – ultra-high image quality, motion, depth and more. We call this the ‘Digital Eye.’ The other is the explosive worldwide mainstreaming of image capture and communication, driven by miniaturization, decreasing costs and communication networks. We call this the ‘Visual Voice.’ These two trends, separately and together, make imaging an incredibly dynamic and exciting industry, and our program will reflect that.”

“We want to continue to be the venue where imaging leaders can meet with imaging innovators and find common ground to explore the future of imaging through partnerships and business alliances,” said Ted Fox, PMA executive director. “Future Image conferences, for years, have been known as the place to see new imaging technologies before they are shown at such places as the DEMO conference. We are pleased that attendees continue to report that these conferences are the best event they attend each year. This says a lot about the mix of attendees that are attracted to 6Sight.”