Kodak/GE Hop on TI DaVinci Express

Kodak/GE Hop on TI DaVinci Express


We have learned that at least two major digital camera manufacturers have hopped on board the recently released Texas Instruments DaVinci-based digital camera processor that we reported on in this space last month. New point-and-shoot digital camera models just released at PMA from both Kodak and new-kid-on-the-block General Imaging/GE are reportedly based on the T.I. DaVinci processor kit.

The T.I. DaVinci-based kit includes all the associated software and hardware products that T.I. tells us will allow manufacturers, “to design and build brand new up-to-date digital cameras for the $99-$199 price category.” TI had told Clique that the processor will allow manufacturers to build cameras with popular features that consumers are looking for. The company feels these new cameras hold the potential to transform the $99-$199 price category into a vibrant entry point for mass-market consumers. “They’ll be feature rich cameras and offer easy to use GUI interfaces to make the film-to-digital conversion and easy one for those consumers left that have been hesitant to make the switch or ultimately disappointed when they did,” they explained.

At least one new model from Kodak is based on this technology – the EasyShare Z712 IS Zoom – a 12x zoom model, the demo of which impressed us at their PMA 07 booth. We are told the entire General Imaging /GE is born of the DaVinci innovation.

TI claims the new processor has enough horsepower to process images at up to 75MP per second, support ISO setting of up to 3200, implement image and video stabilization algorithms, connect to standard wireless LAN solutions, and, “still have headroom to handle advanced features that you find on cameras today including red eye removal, panoramic stitching, and more.”

We haven’t had the chance to test drive the aforementioned models but the simple fact that both Kodak and GE are on board certainly seems to speak volumes about the T.I. technology.